I’ve been writing more or less since grade school, but I’ve fully devoted myself to the craft only during 2009, when a confluence of time allowed for writing and inspiration to write moved me to finish the first volume of Empyrean (see below). Ever since then I’ve started cultivating the habit of writing often, and so I created this site for me to post chapters from my various writing projects, which are (in order of priority):

    • Entangled trilogy:

During the first day of his university life, Patrick Cruz meets Theresa Santos, the woman of his dreams. In fact, he first meets her in his dream. Theresa soon dies in a terrible incident, but even that isn’t enough to keep them apart for long. The two seem destined to be together.

What they’ve experienced so far is but the tip of the iceberg, as they learn more about the cruel rules of the universe they live in and the manipulative forces who would use them to their advantage. Moreover, mysterious enemies, their friends and families, and even the universe itself conspire to turn them against themselves, their world, and each other. Can they fight destiny—the same destiny that brought them together in the first place?

  1. Crossing Everett [completed]
  2. Finding Mnemosyne
  3. Breaking Gordias [working title]
    • AS Rei (concept and characters by my cousin Zhan Zablan)

In a world torn by the recently-concluded war between the Abaddon and the Seraphim, the human Rei, a mercenary wielding the powers of the two races, has been tasked to hunt down shadowy forces who wish to break the fragile peace and return the world to war.

  1. AS Rei [ongoing]
    • Empyrean tetralogy

Ralion, leading a rebellion against perceived injustice, finds himself entangled in a celestial war. Zirra, an orphan caught in the midst of strife, discovers his divine heritage. The Hikari clan, exhausted by continuous wars, struggles against an ancient terror bent on destroying the world. This is the story of Spirits and men. This is Empyrean, the saga of the continent of Rofos.

  1. Light – ‘Straight and unerring, banishing darkness’ [completed, but requires emendation]
  2. Wind – ‘His touch falls so lightly upon the world / but all therein are subject to his will’
  3. Darkness – ‘A candle snuffed; light fades / Enter doubt, fear, despair’
  4. Void – ‘To all things an end / The womb of creation awaits the return of her children’
    • The Amateur Profiler series

A homicide police officer is reunited with her genius classmate from high school, now a private investigator specialising in murder cases. The duo forms an effective crime-solving partnership, despite the cop’s growing doubt that her partner understands a murderer’s mind a little too well.

More projects might be coming (my mind is a bit too hyperactive in that aspect; for example, I have already planned at least one offshoot from the Entangled universe) but I will do my best to finish the first three soonest.

++Louis Ortal